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Links to useful web sites

by Andrew C. Whyte, BSc, MSc, CEng, M.I.Mech.E.

Here are some links to web sites that I have found useful as part of my continuous development, research or just plain curiosity.

  1. www.ansys.com
    ANSYS finite element analysis. Latest information on ANSYS. Case studies, conference papers.

  2. www.asme.org
    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Useful for what's going on in mechanical engineering.

  3. www.boltscience.com
    The Bolt Science company. Useful glossary and tutorials on bolted joints. Also examples of bolt failures.

  4. www.imeche.org
    The Institution of Mechanical Engineers. What's going on in mechanical engineering.

  5. www.nafems.org
    NAFEMS. What's going on in engineering simulation methods such as finite element analysis.

  6. www.lusas.com
    LUSAS finite element analysis. Case studies on stress analysis of structures.

  7. www.nasa.gov
    NASA. What's happening in aero-space. Lots of stress analysis reports.

  8. www.w3.org
    The World Wide Web consortium. Essential reading for what's going on in web development.

  9. www.bipm.org
    Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. Essential reading for what's going on in The International System of Units.

  10. www.engc.org.uk
    The Engineering Council. Read all about the regulatory body of the UK Engineering profession.

  11. www.stickssn.org.uk/
    STICK. Scottish Transport & Industry Collections Knowledge Network. Read all about the Scottish Transport & Industry Collections.

  12. www.archivingindustry.com/Indicator/contentback.htm/
    John Walter, The Engine Indicator. Here is a wealth of useful information on the history and working of the engine indicator.

  13. www.maritimearchaeologytrust.org/
    The Maritime Archaeology Trust. Read all about the Trust set up to study and manage underwater cultural heritage.

  14. www.museum.maritimearchaeologytrust.org/
    The Shipwreck Centre and maritime museum. Explore a World Under the Waves.

  15. www.shrewsburysteamtrust.co.uk/
    Coleham Pumping Station. Visit a Steam and Vintage Machinery Museum, Shrewsbury.

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