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Engineering Software --- AJAP-1

AJAP-1 stands for Axisymmetric Junction Analysis Program version 1

AJAP-1 is a Windows program that will carry out a classical multishell discontinuity analysis.

The program should be used with the textbook "Basic Discontinuity Analysis of Multishell Axisymmetric Junctions" self-published by Andrew C. Whyte.

The textbook and program is ideal for students, academics, design engineers and stress analysts in the pressure vessel, boiler, mechanical, civil engineering and aircraft industries who require an understanding of discontinuity analysis and a means of analysing the stresses on a microcomputer.

[AJAP-1 Typical WinAJAP Example Geometry Plot - click for a larger view] [AJAP-1 Typical WinAJAP Junction Results - click for a larger view] [AJAP-1 Typical WinAJAP Result Plot - click for a larger view] [AJAP-1 Typical WinAJAP Component Results - click for a larger view]

AJAP-1 is public domain. You can download the Windows program and textbook [3.5MB]. The README text file should be read and the textbook sections on: program limitations, defaults and input data should be understood before using the program for practical applications. The addendum AJAP for Windows should also be read. The textbook makes reference to several pressure vessel codes and specifications. These documents will have been revised over the years so users should check out the latest editions of these documents when applying to an actual project.

To run the program open the folder WINAJAP and double click the file WINAJAP (or WINAJAP.EXE).

Want the original DOS Version? You can download GW-BASIC and QBasic versions of the program here [0.6MB]: download DOS Versions.

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