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Engineering Software

Publications & Computer Programs. My interest in Computer Aided Design has led me to write technical publications and develop computer programs that are of use to Mechanical Engineers working in the Pressure Vessel, Boiler, Civil Engineering and Aircraft Industries.

The following programs are available for downloading:

Running a 64 bit PC? The above programs are designed to run on 16 bit or 32 bit operating system like Windows 3.1 or Windows 98 or Windows XP etc. The programs will run on Windows 10 pro 32 bit operating system once application NTVDM.EXE is run. This application will allow 16 bit programs to run on 32 bit Windows operating systems (x86 based systems). However, NTVDM.EXE is no longer being developed by Microsoft and there is only limited support. If you do not have a PC with an older operating system then it is recomended you have two options to get these programs to run on a 64 bit PC.

  1. Set up a Dual Boot PC. I currently use this method and can dual boot into Windows XP or Windows 10 pro.

  2. Set up a Virtual PC. I also use VirtualBox to run Windows 98 from within Windows 10 pro.

Details of how to set up a Dual Boot PC or a Virtual PC can be found on the Internet.

Note that: once downloaded you do Not need to be connected to the Internet to run these programs.