Pressure Piping Reading List ______________________________

by Andrew C. Whyte, BSc, MSc, CEng, M.I.Mech.E.
© Copyright May 2014, January 2021
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Here is a alphabetical short list of some of the books, papers and standards related to the design and analysis of pressure piping and pipework systems in connection with pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers that I have found useful or essential reading. Some of these will now be out of print so a trip to a technical library might be necessary. The list is not exhaustive. Note that standards and codes are evolving documents. They can be subject to revision and addenda on a regular basis and they occasionally become obsolete.

  1. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. B31.1 Power Piping.

  2. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ANSI B16.5 - 1996 Pipe Flanges and Flange Fittings.

  3. Austin, A. and Swannell, J.H. Stresses in a Pipe Bend of Oval Cross-section and Varying Wall Thickness Loaded by Internal Pressure. International Journal of Pressure Vessels & Piping, Volume 7, Issue 3, May 1979.

  4. Boniszewski, T. and Eldridge, G.H. Association Between Service Failures and Fillet Profiles of Tube Stub-Header Weldments. Metal Construction and British Welding Journal, December 1971.

  5. Boyle, J.T. and Spence, J. A Simple Analysis for Oval Pressurized Pipe Bends Under External bending. I.Mech.E. Conference on Pressure Vessel Technology, 1980.

  6. British Standards Institution BS806. Specification for design and construction of ferrous piping installations for and in connection with land boilers.

  7. British Standards Institution BS1560. Circular flanges for pipes, valves, and fittings (Class designated), Section 3.1 Specification for Steel Flanges.

  8. British Standards Institution BS3974. Specification for Piping Supports.

  9. British Standards Institution BS EN 13480-3:2012. Metal industrial piping Design and calculation.

  10. Burgreen, D. Principles of Piping Analysis. First Edition, C.P. Press, 1977.

  11. Calverd, L.J. Flange Stresses gaskets and O-rings. Engineering, October 1972.

  12. Carmichael, G.D.T. and Edwards, G. Some Obsevations on the Analysis of High Temperature Steam Piping Systems. Proceedings I.Mech.E. 1979, Vol. 193, No. 18.

  13. Chen, L.H. Piping Flexibility Analysis by Stiffness Matrix. ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping: Design and Analysis, Volume 2, 1972.

  14. Dodge, W.G. Part 1: Secondary Stress Indices for Integral Structural Attachments to Striaght Pipe. Welding Research Council Bulletin 198, September 1974.

  15. Dodge, W.G. and Moore, S.E. Stress Indices and Flexibility Factors for Moment Loadings on Elbows and Curved Pipe. Welding Research Council Bulletin 179, December 1972.

  16. Eichenberg, R. Design of High-Pressure Integral and Welding Neck Flanges with Pressure-Energized Ring Joint Gaskets. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Engineering for Industry, May 1964.

  17. Findlay, G.E. and Spence, J. Part 2: Bending of Pipe Bends with Elliptic Cross Sections. Welding Research Council Bulletin 164, August 1971.

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  21. Holmes, E. Handbook of Industrial Pipework Engineering. McGraw-Hill(uk), 1973.

  22. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Pipe Joints - a state of the art review Part 1: Gaskets. I.Mech.E.Guides for the Process Industries, 1985.

  23. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Pipe Joints - a state of the art review Part 2: Non-metallic pipe joints. I.Mech.E.Guides for the Process Industries, 1985.

  24. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Pipe Joints - a state of the art review Part 3: Metallic pipe joints. I.Mech.E.Guides for the Process Industries, 1986.

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  30. McNeill, D.R. and Brock, J.E. Engineering data file Charts for transient temperatures in pipes. Heating/Piping/Air Conditioning, November 1971.

  31. Modern Flange Design, 6th Edition. Energy Products Group, Bulletin 502.

  32. Money, H.A. The Design of Flush Cylinder/Cylinder Intersections to Withstand Internal Pressure. CEGB Report RD/B/N1061, 1968.

  33. Nishoika, K., Morita, Y. and Kawashima, H. Stress in Integral Flange and Pressure on Gasket Seat for Line Pipe. ASME paper 76-PVP-59, 1976.

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